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Burt - Kiss Indicator CEO & Founder


CEO & Founder

Burt has an MBA and worked as an accountant at a large steel producer during his 33.3 years as an employee. He had an interest in the stock market but had only an average knowledge of the subject. When his broker lost close to a half million dollars, then had the audacity to submit an invoice for his services, this was the last straw. Burt started to study , absorbing as much information as he could obtain in an endeavor to learn how to be a successful trader. The cost of this education was enormous but the payoff has far exceeded the cost.

Burt wrote some software code to try and identify trading opportunities and improve his trading results. The returns were beyond imagination and while discussing the project with a long-time friend Hugh, who was already providing trading lessons, was convinced to make this software available to Hugh's clients.

Since the product was very rudimentary, Burt searched for some of the world's most talented programmers to convert it to machine language and make some cosmetic changes to provide a worthy product for public consumption. The programmers made numerous suggestions and the software continued and continues to improve, making it, what we proudly proclaim as the best trading tool in the marketplace.

Burt and his lovely wife Mary enjoy a semi-retired life, vacationing at the cottage and on many cruise ships annually. They have 5-children and many grandchildren (can't give a number since it is always changing. There are even some great-grandchildren).

One of the beauties of this occupation is that trading can be done from anywhere with an internet connection and this freedom this has provided a dream-worthy lifestyle.