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Realtime Daily Indications

Daily Indications: All of our products are in real time, not delayed as so many similar services provide. Day trading happens quickly and we maximize your opportunities to maximize your profits.

Realtime Advisory

We have 3 separate programs that give you data to help with your day trading. The first is the Knocking Opportunities, which shows in real time when up to 15 stocks and ETFs are gaining or losing strength prior to making a move. There are 2 Launch Pads, which reflect a short term direction for SPY. The goal is for the direction to move enough to provide an 8% profit. The original Launch Pad gives one indication per day while the Launch Pad Plus can give numerous indications as the market trades throughout the day.

In addition, all products come with a Directional Strength indicator, showing which direction and how strongly the market is moving. It also shows the highest and lowest that it has moved during the current trading day. We have a new SMS product that is free of charge to those subscribing to the Package Pro (Kiss Indicator, Launch Pad and Launch Pad Plus). This is a real time automated message system that sends an instant message to your cell phone whenever either of the Launch Pads has provided notification of a potentially profitable trade.

Customer Support

We are available by both email and telephone to help you with your problems in trading or using the software. We're here for you whenever you need us.