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What is a Day Trader?

A day trader typically buys and sells financial instruments within the same trading day. It is also known as active trading. In today's uncertain markets, swing trading (or buy and hold trading) frequently delivers less than desirable results. We believe that making money as the markets rise and fall provides day traders with the best profit potential. I've heard people say that options trading is risky. The risk is that you choose to buy in the wrong direction (holding calls as the markets fall or holding puts as they rise). When this happens, you can lose your entire investment. The Kiss Indicator is a tool that can assist with your determination as to which direction to consider purchasing.


What is the Kiss Indicator?

This is a very simple tool that monitors a number of stocks and exchange traded funds (ETFs) to find opportunities for short term option buying. It measures upward and downward pressure and when things look just right, the symbol will be displayed in either a green or red box. The color is a clue as to whether there is upward (green) or downward (red) pressure. We typically put a sell order immediately after acquisition for an 8% gain. Of course, when to buy or sell is a decision that only the purchaser can make as each person's risk tolerances are unique.

The system also shows a "Directional Strength", telling just how strong the market is moving in a particular direction, again depending on the color of the box. The higher the number, the stronger the move. Also, watch to see if the number is increasing or declining, which can be insightful as to whether the market is losing strength or preparing for a reversal.

Another bonus is the "Professional Money" indicator , which will show flashes of green as automated trading robots start to acquire the stock. This provides another clue to assist our evaluation of whether to buy, sell or hold