How Easy is KissIndicator Software?

      KissIndicator is a family of software products for both day traders and swing traders, designed to keep your trading super simple. 


1.  Directional Strength:

        This is simply an easier way to see what the market is doing at a glance. The top box with the largest number, shows a color and a number. The color shows that the market is trading above and the red color shows that the market is trading below the open.

The number is an indication of strength. The higher the number and whether the market is advancing that number or declining, the more conviction the market has in the move. We generally consider a number between negative (red) 3 and positive (green) 3 to be pretty neutral. Above those numbers and it is moving sufficiently to generate the targeted profit goal.

Below that are two smaller boxes, one red and one green. This indicates the lowest and highest that it has moved during the current trading day. This is helpful in that you can see if we are approaching or breaking new levels or staying in the middle. An increasing red number is the same as a decreasing green number. These both indicate that the market is falling. An increasing green number is the same as a decreasing red number. These would both indicate that the market is rising.


2.  Launch Pad:

        This is a tool that is just what most traders want and need.  It will light up either Red or Green, depending on whether it has determined that the market is about to move either down or up, based on several factors that have been built in to do the difficult and boring analyses that most traders face.  It can also sound a bell when triggering, so it isn't necessary to sit and watch it.  Most users find this alert to be a wonderful addition to their trading tool kit.  A Red color is an indication that Puts have a good chance of succeeding.  A Green color is an indication that Calls have a good chance of succeeding.  It will give one signal per day.


3.  Launch Pad Plus:

        This is a tool, very much like the Launch Pad but measures a few different parameters and can signal multiple times per day.  It is based more on the amateur traders' actions and requires some chart reading skill to identify an ideal entry time or if a signal is short lived.  Also capable of the bell signal.


4.  Knocking Opportunities:

        Have you ever regretted not answering when opportunity knocks?  Maybe it's time to change that behavior.  This software monitors the market for short-term option trading opportunities. When a stock turns green (consider calls) or red (consider puts).
      • It is often recommended to wait 5-10 minutes after the opening bell before an indication is considered a legitimate trading opportunity. This is due       to "table clearing" that takes place as a result of the pre-market action.

      • Verify the 1-minute candle stick confirms the color of the indicator.

      • The higher the number on the directional strength box, the stronger the market is moving in favor of the color shown. Watch too for movement of      that number to give you an idea of whether the market is continuing to move in the shown direction or if it is losing strength or reversing.

     • Min/max numbers are shown to the right of the directional strength, indicating the highest and lowest it has moved during the current trading day.

      • Generally, we would buy at the money option strike prices, weekly options, that expire: - count 2 Fridays from today.  If Today is a Friday, then the next Friday is 1, the following Friday would be 2;

I like to put them up for sale immediately after acquisition for a minimum of 6% gain GTC (good 'til canceled). Of course, the gain that you hope to attain is entirely dependent upon how much risk you are willing to incur, but it has been our experience that at 6%, there is a much greater chance of success. If training is needed to read technical indicators and attempt to obtain a higher return, schedule some training with Hugh.

5.  Data Feed:

        This box indicates two things. First, watch that the number 
contained therein is moving. It doesn't really matter what the number is, as long as it is moving, it is your assurance that it is receiving a stream of data from the market. If the number remains at the same level for an extended period of time (perhaps a minute or more), there is a strong probability that the connection may have been frozen and it is recommended that you do not consider any further trades with the software until the number changing resumes.

        When the "Data Feed" light turns green, that is an indication that there is some accumulation taking place among the larger buyers, which frequently translates into a small increase in the price. It watches the stock trading and not the option trading, but option prices follow stock prices, so it is useful to an option trader.


6.  Message Box:

        This box is a quick communiqué to provide an assortment of information, such as market closures or early endings, success of the swing trading indications or an assortment of other quick messages that a user may find helpful.


7.  SMS:

        Most of our products have the ability to send the signal directly to your cell phone, giving you some freedom to receive it while away from your computer.  With some trading platforms permitting you to also trade on your cell phone, this is a perfect combination to let you go about your daily activities and still be a successful trader.


8.  Secret Sauce:

        This product does much of the technical analyses for you and when an opportunity exists, it will signal your cell phone.  There is no need to log in with this product as it is strictly based on the cell phone.  Depending on your service provider, there could be an additional charge to receive these signals, but most are free.  Check with your cell phone service provider before subscribing.  This is the easiest, most successful and newest of all of our products.


9.  Swing Trade for Profit:

        Swing Trade for Profit is a separate web site ( that provides an indication that there is strong consolidation in the stocks that are indicated and an expected move should occur soon.  It is not always possible to identify when it will take place, but that it likely will occur within the next 5-minutes up to the next 5-days.  I know that sounds too vague to be of value, but even if a user's timing isn't ideal, it continues to deliver amazing results.

        The color, obviously, indicates the direction.  Best to look for a 1-minute (or even 15-minute) candle to confirm the direction.  This will usually deliver the best results.  We continue to put it up for sale immediately upon acquisition and have targeted a minimum of 8% profit before feeling that it was a successful indication. 

        These are not intended to be day-trades, but frequently end up being just that.  It was designed to be a purchase of the monthly options for the following month's expiration, purchased at the money.  The stocks indicated are frequently not as highly traded and sometimes show a wider than comfortable spread between the Bid & Ask.  It is recommended that a purchase be made at the Mark (mid-point between the Bid & Ask).  For example, if the Bid is 2.25 and the Ask is 3.50, the formula to identify where you should offer to buy would be:  (2.25+3.50)/2 = 2.90.  I realize that it is actually 2.875, but, unlike SPY, many of the stocks indicated don't have penny spreads and are frequently higher spreads.  That is why I would suggest that you round up to the nearest nickel.  To determine the sell price, assuming that your offer of 2.90 was successful, and to get an 8% profit (before commissions), the formula would be 2.90*1.08 (rounded up to the nearest nickel) = $3.15.  Always make the offer to sell as a GTC order, which can easily be modified or cancelled if the market is moving strongly in support of the direction purchased and if you feel that 8% profit is too conservative. 

        Select expiration dates of the third Friday of the following month.  If we have passed the third Friday of the current month, then add one month to the date you are considering.


10.  Monitor and Modify:

        Keep records of what you trade, when you trade and why you traded.  Is there a pattern (e.g. always successful except on Fridays)?  The markets are ever changing and we try to change with them, but sometimes, it takes time to identify when a change has occurred.  Keeping records is a good way to keep an eye on what you do and identify when something has changed.  Reviewing what you've done is the best way to make your actions to succeed a habit.  It's also a great review tool should the performance become rusty. 

         The most important thing of all is to never risk more than you can afford to lose.  This is an inherently risky activity that can be highly rewarding but can also be costly.  Mistakes are easily made and not easily corrected.