There are many traders who use seasonal patterns on which to base their trades.  September is typically a bit of a challenge for traders and investors.  Down is what a seasonal trader would expect for this month since it usually ends lower than where it began.  This month, however, is looking very different.  That's not to say that we will rise since that would require a crystal ball, but let's look at what's happening right now:

U.S. equities are moving higher and appear to be ready to continue to run higher.  Crude oil futures are spiking, with concerns over Hurricane Florence approaching the east coast.  Gold futures are rising as the U.S. dollar weakens.  Treasury notes have also risen.

The big question is why are things so different this year?  There are numerous hypotheses, and without getting into a political discussion, since no one ever wins when we go down that path, you have to think that  President Trump and some of his policies have to be major contributors to the different scenario.  Either that, or it's just an anomaly.  Time will tell!