We now have two publicly traded companies that have a market cap in excess of a trillion dollars. 

Apple (AAPL) reached that level after being 38 years in business.  The second company to hit that magic number is Amazon (AMZN), hitting a $trillion in 21 years. 

Both of these companies are still moving and showing no signs of slowing down.  I wonder if Baidu (BIDU) might be worth considering.  They're a Chinese version of Amazon that sells for the low $200/share, considerably less than the greater than $2,000/share of Amazon.  They've exceeded the consensus EPS forecast for several quarters.  Their next earnings announcement will be reported in mid October.

Not that I'm recommending this action, but it's an interesting story.   I have a friend who made over $1million in one year by selling puts on AAPL.  This is a huge risk if the stock should ever drop and fortunately he had enough capital to cover it should the unexpected happen.  The lesson here is that rarely do you experience reward without incurring risk.