The fall that the S&P 500 market experienced recently has left it  9% below the all-time high.  On the brighter side, 2019 started off on an optimistic note as the small caps paved the way with a 10% jump.  Stocks in the energy and oil sectors also showed promise with gains of 11.32% and 7% respectively.  So far, 2019 has moved opposite the latter part of 2018.

Before getting overconfident, we need to remember last year, where the early part of the year gifted us with a great start but then left us watching the index plummet by 11+%.   We’ve seen a steady rise result in catching investors off guard in the past.  A wait and see attitude may be the prudent move.

Critics have had much to say about the current state of the market.  The instability is quite understandable to a few, but continues to be a major concern for most.  Watch out for changes as they appear to be more unpredictable than ever.

By: Cyril Latrice Cajanding