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May 2019

S&P 500: Global Risk Aversion in the Market Today

Recent sessions have brought undeniable agitation amidst the capital markets. This is because of the uncertainty that the indices have exhibited due to numerous factors, such as the ongoing trade wars, the deceleration of the economic bustle and the


Market up for a Summer Rally Ahead

“Sell in May and go away”, a saying which reminds us of the longstanding belief that stock prices go lower after the month of May since it has been a recurrent event in the market. But today, on CNBC, the head of ETF strategies at Bank of


S&P 500: Index to Fall for 20%?

Recently we have witnessed the index experiencing continuous pullbacks from its record highs due to Donald Trump’s threats to raise tariffs on Chinese goods. Market watchers are now seeing patterns that show that the index could face a far grea


S&P 500: Trade Tensions Leads Index into a Hard Fall

This Tuesday, investors respond negatively to the market as the issue about the possibility of the U.S-China trade tensions took a turn for the worse. As a result, the S&P 500 index experienced its harshest fall subsequent to four months ago. O


The Arrival of a Possible Game-Changer

This Monday, global financial markets experienced an unprecedented stumble following U.S President Donald Trump’s declaration on Twitter last Sunday concerning slowness of the trade talks with China and the raising of U.S. tariffs on $200 billi


S&P 500: Signs of a Bearish Phase?

The new week opened with the S&P 500 index still proceeding into the positive side. The index continued its way into an all-time-high with minimal effort as it acquired the last few points to attain it within the day. Given this news, it was expe


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