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June 2019

S&P 500: Progress on U.S-Mexico Talks

On late Thursday, stocks bounced during the third session of the day as the news spread that it is possible for the Trump administration to postpone the implementation of tariffs on Mexican goods exported to the United States. Trump announced that th


S&P 500: The Index’s Performance Under Trump

 With widespread news of the ongoing trade tensions between U.S and China, some people may get curious about how U.S President Donald Trump has significantly affected the current state of the stock market. To start, on Trump’s biennial ter


S&P 500: Mark Yukso’s Prediction of 2019’s Downturn

The past rallies have led the S&P 500 index for the month of May to the lowest performance in a span of seven years, plummeting 6.6 percent. The chief investment officer of Morgan Creek Capital, Mark Yusko, revealed that the index would likely ex


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