January 2019

China’s Slowest Pace Since 1990

The economy of China grew at its slowest rate since 1990 by 6.4% at the fourth quarter of 2018.  This is considered the biggest challenge for Xi Jinping, now in his sixth year as President.

Many Chinese companies borrow to finance inv


Brexit: Fight or Flight?

Brexit is the now the talk of the town. It is a portmanteau of “Britain" and "exit,”  referring to the impending withdrawal of Britain from the European Union. 

A June 23, 2016 referendum was held to decide whether to


US-China Trade War Talks Resume

President Trump and Chinese officials resumed their trade talks with both eager to compromise after the 90-day truce declared last December.

While the talks among mid-level US and Chinese representative were taking place, there was a surpr


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