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August 2019

S&P 500: Wednesday’s High

American stocks concluded the day higher on Wednesday yet stayed down for the month of August, as a result of multiple elements such as the inversion of the U.S. Treasury yield causing volatility in the market, the trade dispute between U.S and China


S&P 500: An Ever Changing Market

The Month of August has been a tough one for market participants as the market rocked back and forth every time U.S. President Donald Trump took a strike at China and the Federal Reserve.  Friday, Trump reacted to China’s threat regarding


S&P 500: Resilient Stocks during Recessions

The question that most S&P 500 market participants are asking right about now is whether a recession is imminent, following the inversion of the yield curve. However, why fret over this issue when you can make a killing with stocks that have prov


S&P 500: Lowered Estimates for the Index

Currently, analysts have been reducing their estimates for the S&P 500 earnings for the latter part of this year and there is a strong possibility for the index’s earnings to turn negative for 2019. Previously, over the most recent two week


S&P 500: The Index Proceeds Higher for the Week

Thursday has shown us sturdy results for the S&P 500. The index experienced a turn around and shifted to positive for the week, following its biggest one-day drop for the year which occurred on Monday. One factor that drove the market is the poss


S&P 500: The Index’s Tuesday Comeback

Back on Monday, investors panicked after China let its currency plummet to rock bottom, lowest in a decade following U.S. President Donald Trump’s warning last Thursday to impose 10% tariffs on a further $300 billion worth of imported goods fro


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