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September 2018

Market View for this Week - Sept. 24 - 28

We expect this week to be full of economic reports, including second-quarter gross domestic product numbers and a meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee.  We would not be surprised to see another interest rate hike.


Are Women More Risk-Averse Investors?

A recent study has found that women tend to choose more conservative strategies while men often favor riskier options.  Parents of young women were more likely to urge them to save but young men were more likely to be educated on wealth building


Prepare for changes to global growth

In late 2017 and at the start of this year, synchronized global growth was the story.  Some stresses in that synchronized growth trend appear to be in place lately.  Some central banks are raising interest rates and tightening policy, inclu


Where do we go from here?

There are many traders who use seasonal patterns on which to base their trades.  September is typically a bit of a challenge for traders and investors.  Down is what a seasonal trader would expect for this month since it usually ends lower


The Digital Financial World.

Digital advice is expected to attract over $2 trillion by 2020.  The industry, (banks, asset managers, independent financial advisors) are trying to get their piece of the pie by providing a digital offer.  Digital advice mainly aims to re


Trillion Dollar Companies

We now have two publicly traded companies that have a market cap in excess of a trillion dollars.  Apple (AAPL) reached that level after being 38 years in business.  The second company to hit that magic number is Amazon (AMZN), hitting a $


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