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October 2018

Correction or Reversal

Lately, we've been asked numerous times if the markets are experiencing a correction or a reversal.  Some assume these two words are synonyms.  They are not.  What's the difference? A correction is generally defined as a pullback in a


The Toy Insider

The Toy Insider, one of the toy industry's most influential organizations and a trusted go-to resource for parents and gift-givers, today revealed the top seven trending toy themes, giving consumers an inside look at the hottest categories and hand-p


Market Corrections

Markets will always correct. They corrected after the Dutch tulip mania in 1630s. And they corrected after the subprime mortgage debacle in 2007. What do corrections correct? They correct the errors of a boom. And when markets correct, they cause t


Weeds in the Market

Now that Canada has legalized cannabis, the rumors that they're changing their national anthem to "Oh Cannabis!" are not true.  What is true, however, is that some of companies that are producing it are publicly traded on the stock exchange.&nbs


David's Bridal Shop Fighting For Survival

David's Bridal was bought by Private-Equity firm Clayton, Dubilier & Rice Inc. back in 2012 for $1.05 billion.  Recently, they have experienced the same headwinds as other retailers, as consumers move to online shopping.  Rival bridal r


Market - Keep an Eye on This Sector

The housing sector is one segment of the economy that's been lagging for some time.  My personal opinion is that we may see housing starts and existing home sales finally show some upward movement, particularly in home prices. ~Burt


What's Next in Technology.

It won't be long before we will be able to download a high-definition movie in seconds or autonomous cars will be able to communicate with one another.  The next big technological disruption is 5G (or fifth-generation) will provide extremely fas


3 Must Read Trading Books

There are many great books that are extremely helpful when trying to improve your stock and option trading. Here's a few of my recommendations: Mastering the Trade - John Carter I've been a fan of John Carter's for many years.  He thinks


Compatible Match as your Financial Spouse

There are countless strategies to invoke with your trading. The best approach is to find one that truly fits your style, temperament and budget. If you are, for example, unable to watch the market all day, then day trading options may not work well f


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