August 2018

Buffett Still Favors Stocks

Billionaire Warren Buffett says U.S. stocks remain attractive investments, even at today's high prices, when compared to bonds or real estate.  Buffett reiterated his views that stocks


Career choices your children should avoid.

When students ask their school guidance counselor to recommend a profession to plan their future studies, the jobs that are mentioned are often not going to exist by the time graduation day is reached.  If they do survive, t


Market Brief

Markets continue to show strength in spite of many experts warning of a serious downturn that is coming.  This week, the S&P 500 reached its first record since January and cemented


Canadian Interest Rate Discussion

Canadian interest rates are likely to rise again in September and perhaps again in December. In spite of the escalating trade wars, which can harm the economy.

They have raised their interest rates seven times since late 2015 to ensure the


Market moves - August 21, 2018

The biggest contributor to today's move was a 1% increase in Apple stock, trading in the pre-market after Bank of America proclaimed a Buy rating and raised its price target to $250, up from $230. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is close to break


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