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Introducing Secret Sauce

The Secret Sauce is an indicator we use ourselves daily to signal a SPY option trade. The text message comes in on our cell phones and we buy 'at the money' options on SPY expiring in 2- Fridays, so if today was Friday, I would count the following Friday as 1 and the next Friday as 2. If today was Thursday, then tomorrow would be 1 and the following Friday would be 2. Then we put it up for sale for a 6% 'good to cancel' profit target, sit back and let the market work its magic. Usually in a short period of time, it fills and we are done for the day! On the rare occasion, we waited longer but this indicator has been extremely reliable. Testing dates back to the summer of 2017 in various markets including bull, bear and flat with both high and low volatility. Text message appears, we buy, we sell, money in the bank!(See disclaimer at the bottom of the page)

The Secret Sauce is now available to you!

Cost: $150/week SUBSCRIBE
Why Kiss (Keeping it Super Simple)?

There are many courses and software available for stock and option traders to learn and use. One can spend many years and considerable money getting all of the education and then try to master it, or you can use the KissIndicator family of products, including the Launch Pad or Knocking Opportunities to eliminate all of the extraneous material and shorten the learning curve. Now, it is possible to start to profit immediately. Join us to start your journey in the markets.


We Provide Realtime Daily Indications

Realtime Daily Indications

Daily Indications: All of our products are in real time, not delayed as so many similar services provide.

We Provide Realtime Advisory

Realtime Advisory

We have 3 separate programs that give you data to help with your day trading.

We Provide Customer Support

Customer Support

We are available by both email and telephone to help you with your problems in trading or using the software.

If you're not making 5% per day, we need to talk!

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